Question: What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a process that removes dents from vehicles without disturbing the finish on the vehicle. 

It is cost effective, so it saves you money; environmentally friendly so it is better for the environment; fast and will usually last better than the traditional repair process so you can have years of enjoyment in your vehicle. 

PDR can be used to remove dents from hail damaged cars with large golf ball sized dents to minor door dings and does not damage your vehicle's existing paint. It does not require sanding, filling and repainting to match the current finish, and it leaves your vehicle looking great! 

Question: How long will it take to repair ?

The repair time is usually 1-3 days depending on the severity of the hail damage. Booking an appointment will speed the process up so you will know when to bring your vehicle to us and when we anticipate having it finished. 

Question:  Why should I get it fixed?

Even if the paint is not chipped, leaving your car with dents can cause further damage over time to the paint finish so it's always great to check this out and see whether your car qualifies for PDR. 

Question: Can PDR be used every time

PDR only works properly when there are no chips or damage to existing paint. Sometimes a vehicle can be partially fixed using PDR while another part may require the more traditional process of fillers, bonding, sanding and painting. 

Once we have had a look at your vehicle we can determine whether the PDR process is appropriate for the repair, how long we expect the repairs to take, when you can bring your vehicle in and how much it will cost.

Question: Is there a warranty?

Yes. Every repair comes with a 100% lifetime warranty on the work completed.

Question : Why does my insurance company want me to use Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the preferred method of repair because it costs much less than a conventional repair involving paint and bodywork. Most vehicles can be repaired in 1-3 days with PDR instead of weeks using the paint and filler method.


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